Monitoree y grabe eventos desde múltiples cámaras.

Wifi/Ethernet Connection

Connect to Syrus 4G via wifi or ethernet cable.

Multiple Cameras

Connect up to two (2) cameras to one Syrus device.

Live Video Streaming

Share real-time footage with live video streaming.

API Integration

Use Syrus Cloud APIs to download and integrate video into any platform.

Easy Downloads

Use Syrus Management Tool to download video files via wifi or view them directly on Syrus Cloud.

Real-time Alerts

Receive video clip incidents in real-time directly to your desktop, mobile device, or email inbox.

Detect and capture risk in real-time

The ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) solution detects your surroundings and uses voice alerts to warn you of safety problems.

Send video clips based on any ADAS event, such as PDW (pedestrian in danger zone), FCW (forward collision warning), and HMW (headway monitoring and warning).

Protect drivers and businesses with video evidence

Connect any IP Camera with Onvif protocol to the Syrus 4G device to watch and hear what is happening inside the vehicle cabin. Program real-time video clips based on pre-defined events for easy search or manually capture video as needed.

Integrate video clips to your own application using Syrus Cloud API.

The perfect combination of dashcams with Fatigue Alert cameras

Add fatigue cameras to Syrus 4G IoT Gateway to detect distraction, drowsiness, yawning, phone use, and smoking situations while providing warning alerts to drivers to prevent accidents.

Combine with approved WiFi dashcams and have a clear view of the situation to reduce fleet risk and improve compliance.

Extend your visibility and add a silent witness on site

Easily add up to two (2) wifi cameras with Onvif protocol linked to the Syrus 4G device and know exactly what’s happening with your cargo at any moment.

Capture video clips based on specific events like doors opening/closing, harsh driving, entering specific geofences, etc…

Local Download

Use the Syrus Terminal application to access the management UI and download the event clips history.

Remote Download

Use Syrus Cloud to download any video file from Syrus 4G IoT Gateway. Consume files via the API for easy integration into any third party platform.